DronaHQ authenticates its REST API and restricts its access to various resources based on the scope of the API tokenkey. Any tokenkey provided by DronaHQ has a scope of either:

  • Account
  • Micro-app

Account Scope

A tokenkey for the REST API that is scoped to an account provides access to all the resources for that account. You can generate a tokenkey with the ‘account’ scope from the Settings page in the DronaHQ Admin Console. This is very useful for testing the APIs, automating any tasks, or integrating your internally developed applications with the DronaHQ platform.

Please note that whenever you generate a new ‘account’ scoped tokenkey, all previous instances of ‘account’ scoped tokens are automatically invalidated.

Template Scope

A tokenkey with ‘micro-app’ scope is generated while registering a new micro-app in the DronaHQ admin console. All tokenkeys scoped to micro-apps allows access to resources constrained to the template where the micro-app resides. For examples: if an app is created in “Sales - France” template, it can only access users, groups, etc. mapped to that template.

The ‘micro-app’ scoped keys are essential and useful for fine-grained control over the micro-app level authorization. Please note that a ‘micro-app’ scoped tokenkey cannot be regenerated. So if you have to regenerate the tokenkey with a micro-app scope, you will need to re-deploy/re-create the app.